Why Join Carolina Motorcycle Cooperative?
*Annually, up to 100 miles of free towing and hauling when your bike breaks down or a trailer you could use for only a 100% refundable security deposit. *Free tools to use when working on your motorcycles. *A free place to work on your bike, where you could use a lift and other special tools. *Hang out with folks that like working on bikes almost as much as riding them. *Free help with working on your bike. *Discounted parts and accessories. More membership benefits


Carolina Motorcycle Cooperative Begins In May, Maybe

We've made an offer on a shop and started the ball rolling with the realtors, banks and current property owners. Inspections must be done, things will need to be fixed and inspections will need to be done again. After that it's taxes, permits, city and county privilege licenses, state tax numbers, incorporation, insurance and more legal stuff. Then, if everything checks out, we get to start the fun job of moving everything into the shop. If all goes well we should be kick stands up in late April or May.

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