Why Join Carolina Motorcycle Cooperative?
*Annually, up to 100 miles of free towing and hauling when your bike breaks down or a trailer you could use for only a 100% refundable security deposit. *Free tools to use when working on your motorcycles. *A free place to work on your bike, where you could use a lift and other special tools. *Hang out with folks that like working on bikes almost as much as riding them. *Free help with working on your bike. *Discounted parts and accessories. More membership benefits


It's Up To You

Steve, Wooley and I have laid the framework for the Carolina Motorcycle Cooperative. The building has been bought. We own more than enough tools to get us started. Now it's up to you, dear readers. I know the stats, I know a lot of people are reading my posts here on this website and are waiting to see a turnkey operation where they can walk in, pay a fee and start doing their thing but in case you missed it, we are building a cooperative and cooperatives don't work that way. Cooperatives are built by their members, maintained by their members and supported by their members. A cooperative isn't just a business you call when you need something, a cooperative is a way of life. And when a cooperative flourishes so does its members.

So here's the deal: tell your friends who ride. Tell your friends who want to ride. Tell your friends who want to do business with people who ride. Spread the word. Tell them to sign up for our newsletter. Tell them to contact us. And when we reach critical mass we'll organize a meeting so everyone can get together and make this thing work. I've been crunching a few numbers in my head and the way I see it is we need 100 members to pay the insurance, provide the benefits and open the doors.

Or, you can all keep paying dealer prices for everything you need. Steve, Wooley and I are in the building cheap enough and we already have everything we need to work on our old motorcycles just like we've been doing since the 1970s.


  1. Seems like folks are waiting for others to step up before they join. New things and ideas scare some at first.

  2. That's true, but the 3 of us simply can't build it alone. If people want it they have to be willing to make it happen. We've given them the tools, the rest is up to them.


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