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Up Tight

Well we haven't got the level of interest that we'd hoped we have by now but I'm happy to say we've finally gotten the building secured and started moving in. Steve, Wooley and I have decided to just start wrenching and doing our own thing. When things start coming together we'll post examples of some of our work here for everyone to see. We're not really interest in custom bikes in-so-much as building and rebuilding daily riders that can take miles of abuse and be counted on to get us from point A to point B without having to spend a fortune.

We believe that as gasoline prices go up and the economy continues to go down, people are going to be looking towards economical and practical motorcycles instead of billet barges and chrome plated works of art. When I read a Craigslist ad that says, "This bike has never been ridden in the rain or left outside overnight," I simply think, Why in the hell do you even own it? Not that I like riding in the rain but summer days in North Carolina without rain can be few and far between. When do you ride if you never ride in the rain? As for leaving a bike outside overnight, I keep my bike in a shed at home but when I go camping my bike sleeps under the stars beside of me. If it rains we get wet and when it stops raining we get dry. If I can survive it I'm sure my bike doesn't mind.

So rather than get up tight about it, we've just decided to be happy that the shop is now locked up tight and that someone is always there to listen should the security alarms sound off. Steve says by this time next year he plans to have central air conditioning installed in the shop. Me, I'm just happy he gave me a key.

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  1. Things are lookin better in the shop area. Okay, we need that shot of our bikes out front.


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